Taking that first step is the most difficult

Today I began what some may call the beginning of my life. As you may recall from my previous post, I mentioned how important it was to keep on choosing, no matter how difficult or insane your choices may be. You’ll only get to where you need to go by making choices.

Anyway, I made a choice. And that choice led me to an incredible internship.

Today was my first day as an intern and boy was I nervous. I know it’s tres cliché to go on about those first day nerves but it’s something that everyone goes through! No matter how old or experienced, you will always have those nerves akin to the first day of school. Yet, how awesome would it be if we didn’t get jittery?! Which made me question why? Why do we get so nervous? Is it possible to not be nervous on your first day? Or even your first week?


Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky like some of you may be to escape the first day jitters, but thankfully my great and supportive team talked me through it all and assured me that I could ask all the questions in the world no matter how stupid they may seem. They wanted me to let them know if I was feeling uncomfortable so that way, we could nip my insecurities in the bud. They wanted to listen to me drone on about how inexperienced I was at everything which is incredibly rare!!!!!

Nowadays we are so worried about getting it wrong or looking incompetent that we let our nerves and perfectionism get in the way of our learning and talents, which in the end cause more problems. Had we just accepted the fact that we were new and could make mistakes, maybe those nerves wouldn’t have been there. Granted, there are places that assume you know everything and if you do make a mistake, never let it go; don’t worry I’ve had my share of those people.

So yes, it is possible to have a nervous free first day, only if you realise that it’s your first day and don’t put too much pressure. I know impressions count, but if you go in there feeling confident (as you should, they hired you didn’t they?) you will stand out and do your job amazingly well because it’s your first day! And really, what are they expecting you to do on your first day besides what they tell you? HAVE FUN!!! Turn it into a positive and enjoyable experience 🙂 I know I will.

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