1+1= two

Being only my second day, I started off knowing that I was still going to come across things that I didn’t know or had ever heard of! I was ready for that! I was like YEAH Come at me! Little did I know that my ego was going to take a huge beating.

Before embarking upon what I can only describe as an incredible opportunity, I thought that my computer and social media skills were top notch. I have le facebook which is my hourly addiction, twitter which has only been revived thanks to the world cup and instagram which I use more to stalk people rather than upload #selfies. On top of my extensive social media habits I was born as a gen Y, therefore surely what more could i possibly need to be a master of all things digital.

Obviously a lot more!


As the day progressed I realised that the use of social media was incredibly important. We needed to tweet, comment and all that jazz, all the time. I’m not that much of a noob because i knew how to perform these basic tasks but it was then that i realised- i know nothing!

Slowly, slowly i began exploring and realised a bunch of things like making changes to a document on dropbox (i’d only ever used it for photos), making labels for your gmail (I KNOW!!! how baby boomer of me) and downloading a plethora of apps that i didn’t know could be so useful like evernote, buffer and pocket!!!! My eyes had been opened!!! A new world! A world where i was a baby and in essence didn’t know that 1+1 = two.

I had even put moderate computer skill on my CV when really, it should have read POOR computer skills.It hit me like a wave! All of this information overwhelmed yet excited me !!

The amount we as human beings rely on apps, social media and computers for our everyday lives is insane!!!! Yet, that’s where we are heading!! And yet, I thank God for having being immersed into this culture because nowI’m so curious!!! I wonder what else is out there can put my life in the cloud! 😉 I want to become a digital native, that doesn’t just use things for the sake of using things but actually incorporates them into my everyday life. I want to be top notch!

But what i want to know is: Am I the only one? surely not!! But if I am, what more can i do to become a digital native? What are you using today that goes beyond the norm of society and their mere mortal minds?

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