Mac or PC ?

My fourth day and my Mac decides to test my patience, making me consider whether the choice I had made 4 years ago had been the right one…

Mac or PC?


Granted I had heard every possible pro and con concerning Macs, but I assumed those who hated it were those who were afraid of change or against ‘conformity’. Macs were great! or so i thought.

They seemed simple to use and for someone like me who is terrible with anything technological or digital (getting better though) that was the most important thing.

However, about september last year, my airport began to act up. It wouldn’t let me connect to the internet, it wouldn’t respond when I clicked on network i wanted to connect with, nothing!!! so i did the usual turn on/off and it worked… for about 3 months. Once I hit November, things got worse. The airport icon would turn off, and there would be no way to turn it back on. So I left it. I left my laptop for a few months and when I turned it back on it worked!!!

Great! I thought, it just needed a little rest. hmph it showed me.

This problem continued with the airport eventually turning back after a hard reset or pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ALT and a bunch of other buttons that didn’t do the trick and brought me closer to smashing it on the floor.

I know, I know, why didn’t I just take it to an apple store and get it fixed?


I couldn’t be bothered. Especially since it wasn’t a permanent thing – it would always turn back on!

That laziness came to bite me on the ass.

My airport failed and there was no way of turning back on. I even called apple tech support for a lengthy time and even though it seemed to have worked, it died. My airport died. There was no way of getting it back.

So my fellow bloggers, what will it be? The Mac or PC?

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