What a Wonderfully Wicked Week


Regent Theatre

What a wonderful week it has been. All the better made by what I can only call a remarkable show by the cast of wicked. I had waited 3 years for this. 3 years for a show that had everyone captivated. Finally, last thursday it was my turn. My friends and I had bought tickets for a friends birthday which made it all the more special.

From the moment the dragon blew its fiery breath I was hooked. I couldn’t contain my excitement. This caused people around me to sit in an awkward state of whether or not to tell me to sit still and shut up! I felt so bad as I too get annoyed when people talk or sing when I watch a show.

It was just so good!!

I know this may sound cliche to give praise to the leads, but boy do they deserve it! Until you have heard Jemma Rix’s voice you cannot judge the admiration I have for her. It is absolutely stunning. So smooth and clear you wonder how on earth people haven’t made more of a fuss!

As beautiful as Jemma’s voice is, she and no one comes close to ‘out acting’ Lucy Durack and the way she so seamlessly brings Glinda (silent Ga! 😉 ) to life. Her acting was just right. Not too over the top but not too underwhelming, adding another dimension to Glinda we never thought she possessed.

2014-07-10 22.53.45-1

The stage was set wonderfully as well, transforming the space in a unique and very well choreographed way (as one would hope).

Last but not least, the cast! Oh the glorious cast, whom without we would have no show! What a wonderful feat to pull off such an incredible performance. They executed their roles perfectly and left us wanting more. They most definitely cast me under their spell.

The untold stories of the witches of Oz will leave you feeling torn about the injustices experienced in life, but oh so glad that you didn’t miss out on such a spellbinding performance.

Have you seen wicked? What did you think?

1 © Christina Guzman

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