All expenses paid trip overseas… almost

So again comes the time where I must bid farewell to my family and friends as I embark on another journey to stranger tides.


Having come back in March from an almost 4 month trip around Europe, many found it hard to understand how it was, that I could afford another trip. Now, mind you I’m a student (recently graduated) so my financial situation is just like any other 21 year old stumbling their way through life – pretty much broke.

Therefore, how could a student, who’s not working and earning no income, able to afford a trip overseas – again? Unashamedly… my parents.

Your parents paid for what???

I don’t need to tell you what reaction I got when I said that (as you’re probably gasping too), but I found nothing wrong with it. No, correction – I find nothing wrong with it.

My parents have made it very clear that once I hit 25, i will have to pay for my own things. Which I find fair enough! I mean hopefully by then i will have had a job, earned some money and maybe even bought a car… maybe 😉 I in no way forced this upon them, and I know that if they weren’t able to do it, they wouldn’t have invited me!

trip overseas - the1lit

So why do I at times feel guilty?

Well, because people think I’m taking advantage of my parents. However, to that I must disagree and say 1. no and 2. no. I expect this to be the last family holiday we take because I know how expensive I can sometimes be. I’m not naive to the costs of a trip but I appreciate that my parents want to create more memories with my sister and me and that because of my financial situation are willing to pay.

I’m aware that not many people are this lucky, and not for one second do I take this for granted. But if they are willing, I’m not going to pass up a trip overseas – I mean, would you?

Do you, like so many other people, think I should already be cut off? Is 21 too old to be accepting trips from your parents?

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