Travel and all the normal decisions that come with it

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pack up your things and move? You don’t even have to pack anything up, just move! Away, far away where not a soul knows your name.

The1lit - travel

Have you ever?

The new year always brings about new resolutions, goals and aims. Some are doable, and others may take a lot more effort and imagination. Still, there they are. These expectations hover over of us, reminding us of what we have succeeded and failed to do – until the next countdown finishes and we start the clock again.

I want to move overseas. There I said it. I know! shock! horror! gasp! What 22 year old doesn’t want to move overseas?

It thrills me to think of jetting off and discovering new places. However it’s only recently, upon truly reflecting on the consequences of moving to a different country that I started to think of what, or rather who, I would miss the most.

The1lit - travelNow, I’m sure for most of you, family would be the immediate answer. For me, it’s another different story. It wouldn’t be my friends or best friend, or my shoe collection or significant other – no. None of these things. What I would miss the most would be my beautiful, warm, and stanky cat.

Reading worldofwanderlust’s article on whether or not the expat life is for you, I questioned whether I was up for the task. Would I be truly happy without seeing my cat? No more pats, no more purrs, no more paws. Just an occasional snapchat from my sister.

This newly found complication (yes, it is so) has thrown a spanner in the works. On one hand, I have this burning desire to leave, explore and learn. Whereas on the other I have this undying (and at times a bit exaggerated) love for my cat.

I want to realise my dreams, but is leaving Layla, (my cat) going to have to be a consequence of me realising my dream?

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Travel and all the normal decisions that come with it

  1. I am an expat WIFE in Trinidad and Tobago at the moment. I have to say, someday I’m sure I’ll be grateful for this experience. I will admit that it definitely has changed my perspective on life! However, I can’t work here and so I struggle with boredom. They actually call wives like me “trailing spouses.” So if you decide to do it, make sure that you have a solid plan in place before. Overall, I say do it while you’re young. We are in our 20’s and I think it’s the best time!

    1. Wow Trinidad and Tobago! Amazing! It’s an experience that would definitely change you in some way 🙂 but what an annoying name to be given!
      Thank you, a plan is something I am in desperate need of right now! I was contemplating just doing it, but I agree that I should probably have one. You’re right – this is the best time to do it.

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