Fight the new drug

I’m sure like many people out there, you can’t help but love Ashton Kutcher.

He’s one of those people that no matter what they do, you won’t be able to stay mad at them for long.

This week, my respect for him, not as an actor, but as a humanitarian rose dramatically.

Clearly deeply affected by his testimonies and sheer passion for the cause, he delivered a powerful speech to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee about child sex trafficking/slavery.

Not only was it emotional, but highly forward thinking as he spoke about his organisation, Thorn, and the impact his software has already had on rescuing boys and girls from being trafficked.

Opening with a powerful story about a two year old girl being raped by an american tourist, all the while thinking “she was engaging in play“, left me absolutely devastated. How does this exist? How are children being shared amongst people and not being stopped?! HOW?!

Worldwide Issue

Unfortunately, many people think that child trafficking/slavery only exists in poorer countries. This is not true.

This issue is a global one, and one that is perpetuated even more so by pornography. In the video, Ashton recalls a significant moment where he was asked to identify the location of a child who had been raped for about 3 years and people online were watching and there was nothing he could do at that moment.

Unfortunately, this is very common. Children are often forced to engage in sexual activity in front of a camera which is then either live streamed or taped and then put online. Porn users then watch these videos, unaware (most of the time) as to where and who was filmed. I know – disgusting.

With 35% of all internet downloads related to pornography, there is no sign of slowing down for the porn industry and the dire effects it is having on our society. This means – logically speaking – that if there is an increase in demand, people are going to want to supply, therefore there will be more kids who end up being raped in front of a camera.

Educate yo’self

Porn is intrinsically linked to child sex trafficking/slavery. There is not separating the two. As it is an underground business, creators and producers make it their priority to make it seem that what you’re watching is real and enjoyed by those making it. I can’t imagine any child enjoying forced sex, can you?

As an educated society it is up to us to combat this new drug. Fight the new drug is a secular organisation that is trying to educate as many people as possible about the detrimental effects of porn not only on children, but on yourself.

I know it’s hard and quite confronting to talk about or even address this issue – but whether you’re a user or not, you deserve the chance to make an informed decision.

While we may not be able to create super cool software like Mr. Kutcher, we can help spread the word about the link between Children and porn. Child trafficking should really be in our history books. It breaks my heart that it isn’t.

But I don’t need you to care about my heart. I need you to care about their heart – they need you to care about their heart.

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Modern day inquistion

Tension has been increasing ever so fully with the growth of the group of the Islamic state, provoking unnecessary hatred, bigotry comments and even violent acts towards those who practice Islam.

This is not how we as a people should be acting.

the1lit - sunset

For at least a decade now, perhaps more, muslims have been subjected to prejudice and segregation. I have seen the fear in their eyes when in public, always alert and ready to defend or walk away from prying and judgmental eyes. I have seen people turn their babies away from muslim women when the only thing they were trying to do was make the child laugh, and I have seen them try and fail to fit in.

Granted, this does not include all muslims – some have integrated fantastically and some wish to not integrate into society at all – but for the majority, this seems to be the case.

Is Australia losing its tolerance?

Now, I love my home and I think that Australia is an incredibly tolerant and accepting country with no obligatory assimilation policy like the French. However, it seems that due to recent events concerning radical islamists, we have forgotten our moral compass and have succumbed to global hysteria. We have stereotyped and are afraid of people who are like everyone else – they just happen to follow a religion you don’t.

I can’t say that I know exactly how australian muslims are feeling but as a christian who is constantly persecuted by people’s ignorance and harsh words, I can sympathise with the element of not being able to truly say and express your religious beliefs, for fear of what people are going to think and how they’re going to judge you.

How is that fair?

How is it fair that such a democratic society act so cruelly and unjust? Only last week a family and woman were bashed – just for being muslim. It’s important that I reiterate that not everyone is acting this way but enough people are to make it an issue. People’s ignorance is making it an issue.

I must admit that even I’m not very learned in the Islam faith. The very little (very little) that I do know/have read about Islam, has comprised of violence – yet, not having grown up with it or being taught it, my literal interpretation may be incorrect. However I have not let what little I have read, cloud my opinion.

Where to now?

I understand that there are people who do think radically, and it’s great that our government is doing something about it! Yet, it is causing hate – and we have to stop it! We need more muslim leaders to speak out against the going-ons in the Middle east and we need people to understand that you cannot judge a religion of close to 2 billion people on a mere 30,000. We need to band together! How and when that’ll happen – who knows?

Everyone has the right to their own opinion – you don’t have to like everyone, and I am definitely not saying that. But when your opinion turn into actions that gets in the way of peoples dignity, respect and rights; when it makes people feel unsafe in their own home, that’s when we as a society have a problem and that’s when we as a society must strive for unity and stamp out hatred.

Is your society facing the same problems? How are you dealing with it?

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